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The Ejection Seat Transporter is based on a Trailerthat has been specified and modified by Didsbury Engineering to allow the safe transportation of up to two MK16A Ejection Seats when fixed to a B-1068 Maintenance Stand.

The Ejection Seat Transporter design features:


  • Handling capacity up to 1200 kg

  • Suitable to transport up to two, armed or unarmed Martin Baker MK16A Ejection Seats when fitted to a Martin Baker B-1068 Maintenance Stand

  • The Ejection Seat and Maintenance Stand are earthed

  • Suitable to be towed on military airfield that may include speed bumps and FOD grates without transmitting vibrations and unacceptable loads to the Ejection Seat

  • Hydraulically operated to be raised and lowered to allow for easy loading and unloading

  • A locking brace is used to lock the trailer when in the raised position when trailer is being towed

  • Fitted with a towing eye on height adjustable coupling

  • Lifting/Tie down points

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