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Didsbury Engineering manufacture and supply a range of manhole/service cover lifters for a multitude of applications.


Using a manhole cover lifter is easy and is preferable from applying brute force or non-specific tools, as a manhole cover lifter is designed for the job.


The Didsbury EZI-LIFT cover lifters provide a safe and easy to use method of lifting and moving covers. Incorporation two set of rollers at the end of the lifter the EZI-LIFT locates either directly or through adaptor bars to the cover keyholes.


If you regularly open manhole/service covers, the correct choice of cover lifter is very important to to safely do the job.

Standard Cover Lifter


Didsbury EZI-LIFT standard cover lifter has a rigid handle for use singly or more commonly in pairs where the keyholes are offset from the centreline, like Elkington Gatic covers. The lifter fits directly into the cover with no need for an adaptor bar or keys.


  • Safe, one or two man operation

  • Smooth action rollers serve as a fulcrum point when downward pressure is applied to the handle

  • Heel projection on lifters gives extra leverage to loosen tight or frozen covers prior to lifting

  • Lightweight for easy deployment and convenient storage

  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre

  • Variety of remote keys to lock adaptor bars to manhole cover

For other heights of lift, tube lengths or mounting options contact us.

Companion Cover Lifter


Didsbury EZI-LIFT companion cover lifter has two fold down handles, for one-man operation where keyhole positions allow for an adaptor bar to be locked along the centreline of manhole cover.


  • Two handed operation

  • Handles fold down for compact storage

  • Wide rollers at fulcrum point provide stability

  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre

  • Variety of remote keys to lock adaptor bars to manhole cover


Requires Combination Bar part no.10/1917 and Standard (Stockport) remote keys part no.10/1445 for fixing along centreline of manhole cover.

Didsbury Heavy Duty Gantry Cover Lifter
comes with lifting beam and 2 Gatic keys


The Didsbury lightweight heavy-duty gantry cover lifter best serves the bigger Elkington Gatic covers. Its fully adjustable legs allow operators to lift those covers on steep sloping ground safely. A braking system is incorporated in the beam to give the operator total control over the cover during lifting and lowering.


  • WWL 400kg (881lbs), 4:1 safety factor

  • Lifts all large Elkington Gatic covers

  • Lightweight, one man operation

  • Lifts all covers on sloping uneven or soft ground,

  • Can be used horizontally or will adjust to lift covers on a 20 degree incline Adjust in 2.5 degree increments

  • Tight cover jacking facility

  • Will lift all covers with key holes


Larger or smaller gantries available for BT covers and Sewers, for more information contact us.

Universal Manhole Key Set with Interchangeable Tips


The Universal manhole/service cover lifter comes with 14 quick release interchangeable end tips and has also been designed to fit a variety of water turn off taps and hard to reach stopcock taps. This universal key is a handy and practical tool.


  • Made from Carbon steel for strength and then Zinc plated for protection.

  • All tips are also available in Nylon to eliminate the sparking effect that can be caused whilst inserting steel tips into the steel manhole covers

  • 2x Interchangeable Handles 2220mm long

  • 2x 33mm T-Tips

  • 2x 22mm T-Tips

  • 2x 10mm Side Entry Hooks

  • 2x M10mm Screw Tips

  • 2x M12mm Screw Tips

  • 2x M16mm Screw Adaptors

  • Long Stopcock Tip (free)

  • Storage Roll Sack

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