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Lifting and handling tripods provide an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access situations.


Didsbury Engineering lifting tripods are easy to erect and adjustable for height and level, can be deployed quickly for man-riding, general material lifting and rescue operations.

2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod


The Didsbury lightweight tripod provides an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access areas. Easy to erect and adjustable for height and level, it can be quickly deployed for man-riding, rescue operations and material lifting
For use with DECO 2000LL/RTZ Hoists, Chain Blocks and Fall Arresters.


  • Suitable for man-riding and goods handling applications

  • Man-riding 254kg (560 lbs) at safety factor of 10:1

  • Goods handling 508kg (1120 lbs) at safety factor of 5:1

  • Each leg is telescopically adjustable for height and level at five 50 mm increments

  • Manufactured in corrosion resistant aluminium offers excellent strength-to-weight characteristics and durability.

  • Quick release leg splay latch incorporated into head mountings, simply pull on the legs to release

  • Self-limiting leg position improves safety and access by eliminating obstructive tie bars and restraining chains

  • Swivelling feet with rubber slip-resistant tread for use on smooth surfaces and spike profile to locate securely in soft ground

  • Fitted with two universal eyebolts to suit most hoists and fall arrester mountings

  • Optional padded storage carry bag

  • Versatile operation and choice of mounting arrangements

  • Tested to BS EN 795 for protection against falls from height

For other heights of lift, tube lengths or mounting options contact us.

Mounting Brackets for Hoist


The Didsbury lightweight tripod has different types of Mounting Brackets available to enable the Didsbury hoists DECO 2000 and LL/RTZ Hoists and IKAR fall arrester bracket to be attached to the tripod.
The types of brackets as listed below


  • Leg Mounting Bracket for DECO 2000 Lightweight Tube Mounted Hoist

  • Leg Mounting Bracket for LL/RTZ 1.2m Minilift Hoist

  • IKAR Fall Arrester Bracket


Padded Storage Carry Bag for Tripod


For use with Didsbury Engineering, 2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod. Easy to use for storage and transportation of hoist.

Lightweight Tripod Foot Assembly


Didsbury lightweight tripod foot assembly comes complete with:


  • Bolt

  • Washers

  • Spacers

  • Spacer Bar

  • Rubber Foot


Lightweight Tripod Leg Pin Assembly


Didsbury 2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod leg assembly comes complete with

  • 1x Tripod Pin

  • 1x Linked Chain

  • 2x Key Rings

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