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1.4m Steel Tripod with Suction Feet

For use in removal and installation of Airbus A320 Main Landing Gear (MLG) Actuator/Side Stay used in conjunction with A320 MLG Actuator Hoist Kit.

  • The 1.4m tripod is designed for hoisting loads manually using a suitable hoist attached to the eyebolt located on the underside of the top plate.

  • The legs are fitted with extendable lower sections to compensate for uneven or sloping surfaces

  • Suction feet are fitted to clamp the tripod in position.

APU Support Frame and Trolley

For the safe support and movement of Airbus A330/A340 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) used in conjunction with A330/A340 APU Hoist Kit.

  • The frame consists of one fixed support (APU aft mounting) and two moveable supports (APU forward port & starboard).

  • The support frame is supported by four anti-vibration mountings on a two-wheeled platform trolley, movement is facilitated by a two-wheeled detachable tug.

APU Stand Base, Cradle and Lift Beam Assembly

For the safe support and movement of the Airbus A380 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) used in conjunction with A380 APU Hoist Kit.

  • The Lift Beam Assembly allows the APU to be safely removed and placed into its transit container.

  • The Stand Base and Cradle provide a safe and stable wheeled support cradle to transport the APU to and from the aircraft, and around the workshop. The aft castors swivel to allow the unit to be steered, and are fitted with parking brakes.

  • The full Lift Beam Assembly can be adjusted to allow the lift of APU with or without Generator.

  • The Horseshoe Lift Beam Assembly is used to lift the APU to and from the aircraft without the two horseshoe lift beam adaptors and the main lift beam installed.

Purge-Air Mover Kit

For use in the ventilation of aircraft fuel tanks, a rapid and safe method the wing tanks can be purged in approx. 45 minutes. The medium air mover can also be configured to provide continuous ventilation to improve the working conditions within the tanks. In use on Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

  • The Air Mover Kit is versatile and lightweight, with no moving parts. It operates on compressed air and is suitable for ventilating spaces containing volatile or hazardous atmospheres.

  • Grounding cable attached to the air movers.

  • Can be used to purge or ventilate wing and centreline fuel tanks.

  • Universal aircraft wing blade adaptors supplied but additional aircraft specific options are available.

  • Compact aluminium storage container with forklift skids available with castor kit.

Transportation/Storage Cases and Containers

For the transportation and storage of Didsbury Engineering Hoist and Air Mover kits, we offer a range of cases to suit the individual kit requirements.

  • The hoist kit cases are made from 6mm or 9mm birch plywood laminated with either stucco aluminium or ABS laminate.

  • Edged with aluminium angle on all edges, all fittings secured with bilocated rivets.

  • Hinged lid, secure lockable butterfly catches, handles for lifting and handling.

  • Interiors lined with LD 45 high-density foam, with custom routed interiors.

  • Manufactured to ATA 300.


  • Castor wheels and/or forklift skids as required.

  • The air mover kit cases are made from high tensile welded aluminium, and polyester powder finished in black.

  • Surface mounted handles, locking sprung latches and hinged lid complete with lanyard.

  • Forklift skids.

For other items of kit, such as our PRG358 Lighting Kit comes in a Peli Storm Waterproof Case with custom inserts.