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Why is the Didsbury Multi-Purpose Hoist system different?


Approved by Boeing for multiple applications in January 2023.
(see applications matrix for Boeing fleet).


Telescopic tube arrangement in place to enable adjustment to deliver all range of applications.


Extended to 40ft cable whilst maintaining the existing Didsbury hoist benefits:

  • Single layer cable layering – no birds nesting

  • Cable can be wound out without requiring tension to be maintained

  • Minimum of 4:1 Factor of Safety

  • 2-speed manual operation minimises operator effort and allows rapid wind in/wind out

  • Simple but effective dual braking system. The Didsbury hoist uses a governor shoe braking system for a Fast, accurate controlled descent with wind facility for final positioning.

  • Safety in operation is ensured by a 'dead mans' brake which is normally in the 'on' position.  - Instantaneous fail safe, ensuring load never falls out of control.

  • Can be retrofitted to existing Didsbury Fishpole Hoists

Download PDF Data Sheet

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