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Thank you for taking time to give Didsbury Engineering feedback.
1. How often do you use Didsbury Hoists?
2. Which series Hoist do you use?
3. Have you attended a Didsbury Engineering training course on the operation of the hoists?
4. How are your GSE hoists currently stored?
5. How would you rate the operation and usability of the Didsbury Hoist?

6. How would you rate the following?

Winding speed
Equipmet weight
Available attachment options
Ease of use
Ease of handling
Governed descend function
Wind Up Wind Down (WUWD) mechanism option
No bird caging on wire rope
No need for tension when winding in or out the cable
7. Features that you dislike or would like to see changed on the Didsbury Hoists

8. What improvements would you like to see in the next generation of Didsbury Hoist?

9. Would you see the benefit from an electric option for the Didsbury Hoist?
10. Would you select a Didsbury Hoist given the choice?

Thanks for your feedback!

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