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Brussels Airlines receive training from Didsbury Engineering.

Following purchase of a Purge Air 2 fuel tank entry system, Didsbury Engineering staff spent the day at the Brussels Airline hangar in Belgium delivering user training. The training will allow Brussels Airlines staff to gain access quickly and safely to aircraft fuel tanks which will dramatically speed up entry to the aircraft fuel tanks & reduce costly delays for Brussels Airline - the Purge Air system is proven to gain entry to an aircraft fuel tank within 1 hour.

What is the Didsbury Engineering Purge Air System?

The Purge Air, which is available in 3 sizes to suit your requirements, is an intrinsically safe fuel tank entry system which allows safe & fast access into the hazardous environment of an aircraft’s fuel tank.

Purge Air

When positioned alongside the aircraft the container forms the control centre for the fuel tank entry operation. When entering and performing maintenance on an integral fuel tank, all fuel must be emptied from the tank and strict safety procedures must be followed. Fuel vapours must be purged from the tank and respiratory equipment must be used by the technician.

Key Benefits of Purge Air

  1. Contains all the equipment required to quickly and safely enter an aircraft fuel tank.

  2. Gain entry to an aircraft fuel tank within 1 hour.

  3. Includes a completely self-sufficient breathing air system which supports up to 4 users and can be supplied from a shop air supply.

  4. Residual fuel removal can be completed in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours / overnight when gravity draining.

  5. Trials have proven that multiple tanks can be vented at the same time with vapour levels being reduced to levels low enough for entry in under an hour.

  6. The Jet-Vac Puddle system quickly removes any residual fuel around internal structures.

  7. Can be configured to be powered by a single connection to the onsite hangar air supply.

Purge Air in hangar

Should you require any further information or would like to discuss how the Didsbury Purge Air System can help your Ground Support teams gain fast & safe aircraft fuel tank entry, please contact our Sales team -

Purge Air open door

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