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Didsbury Engineering attend HYDRO Systems KG sales conference in Biberach, Germany

Didsbury Engineering’s Ray Cobb, Head of Commercial & Jordan Brown, Project Design Engineer had the privilege of visiting Biberach, Germany last week to present to the global sales team of HYDRO Systems KG. The HYDRO sales team were introduced to the Didsbury business and given a presentation on the Purge-Air aircraft fuel tank entry system, as well as the 10/4180 Multi-Purpose Boeing Hoist which also included a hands-on demonstration for everyone in attendance.

Ray Cobb
Ray Cobb, Head of Commercial leading Didsbury Engineerings HYDRO Sales Conference in Germany.

Global Collaboration: The event underscored the importance of international collaboration by bringing together staff from Didsbury Engineering and HYDRO Systems to foster global relationships and partnership as we look forward to the exciting developments that will stem from this collaboration.

Didsbury Engineering express our gratitude to the HYDRO Systems KG team for their warm reception, hospitality, and enthusiastic engagement.

Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown, Project Design Engineer demonstrating the Didsbury Hoist


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